Are you trying to save money by relying on an online provider to help set up your business?   


Here are four questions to help you see why every entrepreneur needs an attorney:  

Are you a corporation, partnership, or LLC? 

A lawyer can explain the different options and help chose the entity that is right for your business. We can also help prepare any form that need to be filled out with the State and draft up any organizational documents.  


Are you going to be in business by yourself or with a partner? 

When money is involved, it is not wise to rely on a handshake deal. You are going to need document the terms of your business relationship. An attorney can help with that. 


Are you going to have employees? 

A lawyer can provide you with an overview of employment laws in your state and guidance on ways to avoid allegations of sexual harassment or age discrimination. 


Worried that using a lawyer will cut your profits? 

Lawyers are trained to solve problems. We can help you identify those problems before they even happen, which is way cheaper than trying to put out a fire after you have an issue. 




The attorneys at Kaltz Coulombe PLLC are available to assist you and your business. 


*This post is for informational purposes only. It does not create and attorney-client relationship and is not intended to be regarded as legal advice.   

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